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Welcome to my Spindrift Real Estate BLOG! Find everything in one place for the Spindrift Lifestyle & Real Estate. Sharing is Caring!

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You’ll love Living in these Del Mar Ocean View Condos. Many have great balconies overlooking the Del Mar Racetrack and Lagoon!

Welcome to Living in Spindrift Del Mar!  Spindrift Del Mar is unique community in East Del Mar , located above the Flowerhill Mall, offering great views and indoor outdoor living spaces! 

My website attempts to do what no other REALTOR in Del Mar has dared to accomplish: create  a website for residents and online lookers that covers just about every aspect of Living in Spindrift Del Mar and this micro real estate market; Spindrift Condos Del Mar.

Since the internet is such a big place and if you live in Spindrift or want to , then  you only want pertanent info.  My site is set up to provide you with what you need in like ONE CLICK!  Search Spindrift Condos For Sale, (and the greater Del Mar & North County area properteis for sale by map)  NO PROBLEMO AMIGO! 😎  If you are thinking of selling your condo, my site has a tool that will tell you what your home is worth in 60 seconds. It’s just a computerized opinion, but it’s pretty good. Also, be sure to check out the best tool on the internet, my SPINDRIFT CONDO MARKET REPORT. 

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The internet changed everything in real estate. Gone are the days where you had to call an agent to get information on listings, see homes for sale, solds, etc. Nowdays, the problem is though, that AGENTS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LEVERAGE, PRESENT AND HARNESS THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY.. Guess who does though? 💁‍♂️🏄‍♂️🤙

“I’m an Internet JUNKY Realtor”. I love getting new clients from the internet who appreciate what I do. Using my sites you an watch videos, search homes, see home sales, read my blog posts about the market and other stuff, 24/7. OPEN HOUSE SAT SUN? WHY WAIT? THE INTERNET IS ALWAYS OPEN AND I”VE GOT THE WHOLE PACKAGE right here. Plus I never sleep so you can contact me any time.  You’re Welcome! ( and thank you!)

My videos are very sticky. I bet if you search up Spindrift Condos Del Mar, etc on GOOGLE, that MY SITE + videos + online marketing will domimate the space. I usually get a list of buyers in particular neighborhoods because of my sites. I also get sellers who mention they want to maybe sell. Heck, that makes me the perfect match maker for Spindrift Del Mar Condos. 

Who is your obvious choice to help you buy or sell in Spindrift? Who is the most passionate REALTOR about promoting Living in Spindrift ? POETIC!  Now watch my video.

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My life is built by design. I wake up, drink 3 cups of coffee, check email, texts, surf, take kids to school, close a deal, make some calls, surf again! Eat. Rinse. Repeat.

Not many REALTORS in Del Mar will let it all hang out. Me though, I don’t care. Why? Heck, look at that darn handsome picture of me: blonde hair, blue eyes,.. LOL. Well, atleast I know I am vain, AREN’T ALL REALTORS IN Del Mar? LOL x2.

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Hire me to be your REALTOR. Look. I know you probably already know a few REALTORS you feel like you own something to, but you DON’T! WHO PAYS IT FORWARD THE MOST FOR THOSE LIVING IN Del Mar? Thank you!

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